Dog and cat with NOODSmiling dog

Hi, we're NOOD! Nice to meet you.

We make premium recipes with everything they need and nothing they don't. Our honest, wholesome nutrition provides the ultimate fuel for a life of fun, powering up your pets with the right sort of nutrition to keep them wagging, purring and playing all life long.

The NOOD Philosophy

Premium for all. This means affordable & accessible, always.

We set out to create a premium pet food brand, without the price tag. Fast forward to today and we've seen over 40 million bowls licked clean and counting!

We believe every cat and dog deserves the proper nutrition to live a healthy happy life, and every owner deserves to know what goes in (and what stays out) of the pet food they buy.

Premium pet food shouldn't be exclusive, so we always take less profit to make NOOD accessible to all pet owners, from all walks of life 🐾

Dinner laid bare

We're gonna be honest about our food because a lot of the pet food industry isn't. We all deserve to know what we're feeding our pets, and our pets deserve the best.

So we're laying it all out in the open; what's in our food, as well as whats not in it. Our food contains real, recognisable ingredients that are all in there for a reason. There's nothing to hide: no junk, no nasties, no pesky fine print. Just honest nutrition: premium, uncomplicated and packed full of goodness.

Best in show

At NOOD, our utmost priority and focus is on producing recipes that are healthy and safe for both your pets and ours. That's why all our recipes go through rigorous testing and food safety protocol to ensure we deliver on that promise.

Every ingredient is tested for contaminants when it arrives at our facility and each step of our production processes is strictly controlled to prevent cross contamination. During production, we test every 20 minutes for density, colour, moisture, size, nutrient profile and contaminants.

Safety Tests Done Per